How to buy app without Google Play

Send an email to, or send message to AIO Launcher developer via Telegram.

Where's the phone app?

Swipe on search button opens quick menu with phone, camera and market.

How to add Android widgets?

Open the side menu and select "Widgets" from the dropdown list. Scroll through the list to the "Android widgets" section. You can also find all the app widgets if you enter the name of the application in the search window.

I want to add my apps on the screen.

Enable the "My Apps" or "Apps list" widget in the settings and drag any icons from the menu into it.

Can I organize my apps into folders?

Yes, just add the App Folders widget to your desktop.

How to move widgets?

First way: hold your finger on the title, then drag it to the desired position.
Second way: swipe widget to the right and long press it to move.

How to resize widgets?

Swipe widget to the right and press up or down buttons.

How to remove unwanted widgets?

Swipe the widget to the right and then click the "Trash" icon.

Some widgets take up too much space.

Any of them can be temporarily minimized/expanded to one line by clicking on the title or top right corner if titles is disabled. Also you can swipe widget to the right and press "up" and "down" buttons to change widget size.

How do I remove an app?

Drag it from the apps menu to the "Trash" icon.

How do I quickly scroll through the side menu?

Click on a letter and then click on the letter you want to jump to.

I can't reach the top elements of the side menu when I'm holding the smartphone with one hand.

Pull down at the top of the list to move it lower.

I want to change the news source.

You need to find the RSS feed of the site you need (via Google search) and specify it in the "News - RSS Feed URL" option.

I can't connect Yahoo (or other) mail via IMAP.

Most likely you need to create a so-called "application password" and use it to log in via IMAP. How to do this for Yahoo mail.

I clicked item in the news widget, a window opened with the text of the news and the headline. But the headline doesn't fit.

Tap on a headline to expand it.

Does the AIO Launcher support icon packs?

Yes. You can install icon pack from Google Play and select in the Apps settings

Does the AIO Launcher support themes?

Yes. Hold finger on the search button, then click on the "Change theme" icon.

Will there be support for the StartPage/Qwant/PreSearch/etc search engine?

AIO Launcher 4.4.1 supports any search engine. Just specify the search query in the "Own search engine" option, replacing the search string with %s. For example:

When will WhatsApp support be implemented?

It can't be implemented. This is a technical limitation of the service (there is no open API).

Google allows me to enter a mathematical expression in the search bar and get the result. Is it possible to do something similar in AIO?

Yes, just type an expression into the search bar.

I like the idea of bangs in DuckDuckGo. Is it possible to get something similar in the AIO search?

AIO supports bangs. Moreover, you can start a bang not only with the ! sign, but also with the @ sign.

The alarm clock widget shows the wrong time.

Due to the way Android works, the alarm clock widget can also show the time of reminders and calendar events. There is no way to fix this.

Hiding applications does not work.

By default, applications are hidden only from "Frequent apps". To hide applications also in the sidebar, turn off the option "Show hidden apps in sidebar".

AIO Launcher is restarted every time you return to the home screen.

Most likely your phone is "killing" the app. You need to find an option that disables it (usually called something like "Power save mode").

App widgets don't work on MIUI.

Go to the application settings on your phone, find the application that owns the widget, click "Other permissions" and enable "Display pop-ups when running in the background" option.

Notification widget don't work on MIUI.

Settings - Battery and performance - Manage apps battery usage - Choose apps - AIO Launcher - No restrictions

On MIUI, AIO Launcher restarts after cleaning all apps.

Launch "Security" app, then tap "Boost speed", then "Lock apps". Select AIO Launcher in the opened window.

App widgets don't work on MIUI or you can't open notification via built-in Notifications widget.

Go to the application settings on your phone, find the application that owns the widget, click "Other permissions" and enable "Display pop-ups when running in the background" option.

Navigation gestures do not work in the AIO Launcher.

AIO Launcher fully supports navigation gestures, but your phone can disable them for third-party Launchers. The problem is with your phone, not with the app. On Pixel smartphones, the gestures work without any problem.

The recent apps button/gesture is not functioning.

The recent apps window is controlled by the stock launcher. Make sure you haven't disabled or uninstalled it.

Plugins does not work.

You need to exclude plugin from all energy saving mechanisms (not launcher, plugin itself).

On Android 14, the launcher is not responding to touches sometimes.

This is a known issue with Android that affects not only AIO Launcher. Google addressed this problem in the December update, but smartphone manufacturers often do not release intermediate updates. To fix or minimize this issue, you can exclude AIO Launcher from all power-saving mechanisms on your phone. More details: AIO Settings - About - If app not working correctly.