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All you need on a single home screen

AIO Launcher is not ordinary home screen. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information.

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Distraction free

AIO Launcher has a concise and utilitarian interface that will not distract you with bright icons and unnecessary animation.


Almost every element of the interface is customizable. You can change the layout of the widgets, colors, font size and more.

Built-in widgets

AIO Launcher can display weather, calls, SMS, mail, news, exchange rates, and more.

News, mail, twitter, SMS, calendar and more

AIO Launcher includes more than 20 different built-in widgets that display a variety of information. In addition, you can install additional widgets using plugins.


Icons, Icon packs and android widgets support

In addition to the built-in widgets and plug-ins, AIO Launcher supports standard Android widgets, which you can install from Google Play. You can place any icons on the screen using the icon pack that you like best.

Amazing app. Finally something that makes use of my phone as i wanted it.

Talal S

This is the best launcher where you can find everything on the home screen itself its very customised and very good.

Firing Sasank

All launchers I've used go sort the apps in grids, but in different shapes and sizes. This launcher goes a whole different way, and shows everything (apps, notifications, news, time, etc.) in just one home screen. I like the simplicity. It reminds the data pads from Westworld. After trying some launchers I realised this is my favorite, I'm not changing.

Felipe Torres

Phenomenal app!!! I didn't expect an interface so clean, minimal and very intuitive! This launcher works smoothly with my Samsung tablet S, and the default offerings it gives are more than I could ask for. Want to record a song? sure just tap right in the screen, no need to minimize and open up yet another app to do so.

Toochukwu Ogbogu

A very nice alternative to the typical grid of icons interface. I like it.

Emil Bauman

With themes

AIO Launcher supports themes, including a black and white theme that will not distract you. Any theme settings can be changed, including font size, colors, the form of interface elements.


One Screen To Rule Them All

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